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my life has changed drastically.

i could sit here and attempt to judicially spell my life out for you, but i won't. to be honest, I'm scared to- i feel like everything that makes me happy (once known) goes to shit. I feel like for once though, i can actually feel comfortable enough to get this off my chest- i actually really for real love someone.

i am sitting in bed with a man who swats at my ass, farts in his sleep, pokes fun at me for all of my many idiosyncrasies, but also a man who- (intermission as he literally attempts to gobble me as he wakes) i cannot imagine my life without having met him.

i always thought that (intermission x 2) finding the right one was beyond my means; like it was something only strived for in tv shows and movies; something that would never be actually obtainable in a sane person's mind; but i can honestly say now that it is absolutely obtainable.

never waste your time with someone who doesn't love you as much as you love them.

i know it may sound cliche, but coming from a person who thought her entire world would disappear after my ex left- should say a lot, considering the fact that i hate lovey dovey romance stories and bullshit like that. i just know my grandmother was right when she told me that i'd eventually find someone who loved me as much as i loved him.

the only wrench her plan however, is the fact that i cannot possibly fathom how he could love me more- even as he takes his morning pressure washer piss, i cannot imagine that the love i have for him is outweighed by his for mine; and even if things don't work out (worst case scenario), then i can still honestly say that i was capable of REALLY loving again.

and that he (not to mention my hope in this) was worth writing about.

so yeah, long story short- it can happen. i promise.
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